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"Community Center"

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Our online "Community Center" provides aviation employees with an opportunity to open discussions and reply to each other to give and get support for the critical work they do to keep America flying.

If you have a thought, share it. If you're looking for answers, your colleagues may have just what you're looking for!

Six Topics:

  • On-going Reflections on 9/11
    "Move on," people tell us. The advice is well-intentioned, but how do we recover from a loss like 9/11? How do we forgive the unforgivable? Share your thoughts on how you were affected by 9/11 and what you are doing to move forward.

  • Book Readers - Share Your Thoughts
    "One of the main themes of the book, Reclaiming the Sky, is the importance of connection-making. With this "topic" on the Message Board, we give aviation workers and general readers alike an opportunity to share how they have "connected" with the people in the story and have learned something valuable from the courage of the aviation workers profiled in the story.

  • Does Talking Help?
    Does it help to talk about your anxieties? Share your opinion.

  • Support from Family and Friends
    Many aviation employees tell us that they rely on family and friends for support. Is this true for you? How? Also, use this "topic" to keep in touch with loved ones when you're on the road. Teach your kids how to use this Message Board - and you'll never be out of touch!

  • Juggling Commitments
    The demands of family, work and commuting compete for valuable time. How do you do it? How do you juggle all your commitments and stay sane?

  • Getting Stronger (Physically and Emotionally)
    Our survey this spring with aviation workers showed that many want advice on how to feel good. Got any insights on how to get stronger physically and emotionally? How do you manage to find time for nutrition and exercise despite your busy on-the-run schedule? (Also, check out our WELLNESS page.)

The MESSAGE BOARD - How it works.

Suggestion: go to the WELLNESS page. There you'll find advice on wellness, including nutrition and exercise advice tailored to meet the needs of busy aviation professionals. You can use this info in your Discussions.