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Message Board Tutorial

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You can READ messages on the board if you are not a member of iVillage, but if you wish to CREATE DISCUSSIONS you will need to sign up for an iVillage membership. It's free and it's easy:

  • If you've already joined iVillage, you can login using your regular iVillage member name.
  • If you are not yet a member of iVillage, you can sign up now. Once you create a member name, you will receive an activation email. Just click on the link in the email to activate your account. If you don't receive your activation email, contact iVillage Customer Support.
  • If you're not yet ready to join, you can sign up at any time by going to the Reclaiming the Sky message board and clicking on the "Join Now" link on the top right hand corner of the page.

iVillage membership is free and it takes only a few minutes to sign up. As an iVillage member, you can post messages to iVillage's 1,000+ message boards, subscribe to free newsletters and take part in Community Challenges. iVillage will respect your privacy.

How to Use the RECLAIMING THE SKY Message Board

Posting Messages: Once you've created a member name, you can start posting messages to the board right away.

  • To start a discussion click on "Start a discussion" next to a folder topic
  • If you wish to reply to a message posted by another person, just click on the "Post your Reply" button at the bottom of the message. Note: after writing your Reply, you will need to click "Preview," then you can submit the reply.

Creating a Profile: You can create your own individual profile page by clicking on the "Your Profile" link in the shaded bar at the top of the message board. You can upload a photo and add information about yourself and your interests. To view profiles that other members have created, just click on their member name link.

Editing messages: You can edit your message after it has been posted. Open your message, then click on the Edit link at the bottom. This link only shows up if you are the person who posted the message. When a message is edited after it was posted, the date and time of the change are noted on the message.

Board Settings: In the shaded bar at the top of the message board, you'll see a link to Board Settings. Board Settings allows you to determine the number of messages you want to view at one time, create a stylized signature line to add to every message you post and set your time zone preference. The Board Settings page is private -- you are the only one who can access it.

Report a violation: If you read a discussion that is offensive or is in anyway defamatory, please notify us about it by using the "report a violation" link that appears on the message. Simply click the "report a violation" link and follow the onscreen instructions.

Board Guidelines: This message board which ivillage has tailored to Reclaiming the Sky provides a safe place for aviation employees to discuss how the tragic events of 9/11 affected their lives at work and at home. In order to foster a supportive and positive community experience, please do not post messages that defame or cast blame on political leaders or the airline industry. Messages that violate these board guidelines will be removed. If you see a message that violates these guidelines, please report it to us by using the "report a violation" link that appears on every message posted to the board.

Glossary of "Message Board" Terms

Folder: An individual category for discussions, centered around one main idea.

Discussion: An individual comment, thought, or story in response to a folder topic. (Can be posted by any user)

Reply: An individual comment or thought posted in response to a particular discussion. (Can be posted by any user)

Outline View: Displays folders, discussions, and replies as an outline in a separate window. (Useful for finding a particular discussion/reply quickly).

Folder View: Displays the folder, discussions and replies in a separate window as they appear on the main message board. (Useful for viewing a discussion while posting a reply)

Advanced Search: A way to search for a particular folder topic or search for a particular member's postings.

Your Profile: A place where users can enter information about themselves and post pictures.