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On our Message Board, you'll see that many people have responded positively to the topic "Talking Helps."

This is one reason why Book Clubs are so useful: they offer a structured forum for sharing thoughts about a book and exploring insights gleaned.

We are working with aviation "groups" to help them plan and organize Book Clubs to discuss the courage of the quiet heroes profiled in Reclaiming the Sky. (Want to know more about this project, click here.)

Reclaiming the Sky is a book ABOUT aviation workers, but the book is not LIMITED in its application to those who work in aviation. In fact, that's part of the intended richness of the story, that the "lessons of loss" and how we learn to move forward after loss, can be applied by anyone.

General readers, with no connection to aviation, may want to use the book to see HOW it's possible to learn important life lessons from a whole new source. Those who work in aviation - Flight Attendants, Customer Service Reps, Information Agents, Administrative Staff - "groups" of aviation employees who work together on a regular basis - may wish to organize their group around that "shared" familiarity.

And so, to help you begin the planning for your Book Club, we provide a link to a website that provides guidance in the early stages of organization. (click on "Reading Groups" at the top)

Here is a book we found on Amazon:

The Book Group Book

For "Starter Questions," consider:

  1. 1. How do the "heroes" of Reclaiming the Sky prove that ordinary citizens can act in extraordinary fashion?

  2. 2. What are the "Five Clues" offered by aviation workers profiled in the story, and how does each have application for your life?

  3. 3. Does anger need to be put aside before healing can happen?

We'd like to give you an opportunity to suggest questions also, so suggest a question in the space below. We'll post submitted questions from time to time, and we invite you to offer feedback on how the Book Club you've created is working for you. We'll share those insights also.


So good luck, and remember, if you have a point to make, please go to the Message Board, find "Book Readers - Share Your Thoughts," and let us know how the stories of courage in this book have made an impact on your life.